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Painting brief related ideas :space, time and movement

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Right now I am just doing a series of small painings that come under the theme to try and generate some ideas and get a sense of what I want to do for the final piece. Hopefully I will soon have enough to start having an idea of how I want interpret the theme and make it my own.

Quick piece I did looking at structure. These are just random fluid shapes that I’ve done. Not much meaning behind the piece.

Did this piece in relation to time and movement. The painting is of an elderly man and time come into it because of age and the now end is the skin as it’s sagged . The piece could kind of be seen as abstract as the face is made up of shapes and lines that exaggerate the form of which wrinkles take. I do like this piece and feel like i could could elaborate on this in some way.

This piece was done looking into the theme of space and structure. It’s just a small section of a made up building .

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