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studio spaces : Frida kahlo

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Frida worked out of two studio spaces  in Mexico. Casa Azul, otherwise known as the blue house. This was the house in which frida grew up in, also the place in which she passed. This where she stored most of her important pieces.

Frida also worked in a studio which her friend  Juan O’Gorman designed. She lived with husband Diego rivera. the two buildings were connected by a bridge in which they could cross  to see each other.
When Diego eventually passed in 1957 Frida was no longer at the house full time. This is when she begun working out of both this and her family home.

  • Knowing Frida used a range of colours it tells us that she would of had to do a lot of mixing and matching. the photo shows the jars in which she would’ve been mixing her paints .
  • .  you can tell that Frida was quite the organised artist. In both buildings she has a good amount of studio space she also has a fair amount of open space out side the properties in which she could of worked on

Frida had one more unofficial and temporary studio, Her hospital bed.
Sadly certain events in Frida’s life lead her to be bed ridden in and in and out of hospital. Frida being the artist she brought the studio to her hospital room. It shows that the artist is able to adapt to any setting and use the tools available to her at that time and place

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