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The gallery : Tate modern

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what is a gallery? well by my definition a gallery is a space or building used to showcase ones art work.The meaning of the piece is just as important as how its being viewed.

gallery/ˈɡal(ə)ri/ 1.a room or building for the display or sale of works of art.”an art gallery”

by definition of google

why are galleries important? well by my definition a gallery is a space or building used to showcase ones art work.The meaning of the piece is just as important as how its being viewed. 

what are the different types of galleries?

Tate Modern

The Tate modern is very well known art gallery.To have your art showcased here even for a short amount of time is a achievement worth celebrating. The Tate modern is a part of the Tate group . Tate modern focuses in more on the modern and contemporary arts dating back to the 1900’s. The building itself was built in two parts first in 1947 and then again in 1963, it was actually a power station that stopped operating back in 1981.

Exhibitions: HYUNDAI COMMISSION by KARA WALKER :Fons Americanus 

The exhibition i have chosen to look at is a masterpiece done American artist, Kara Walker. Kara is most famously known for her black silhouettes focused mainly around black people and history as is her sculpture piece which is currently being displayed at the Tate modern. The piece is a commission by Hyundai, 

Artist & Curator

Kara Walker Clara Kim

what is a curator?

  • A curator is someone who’s job it is in collecting, handling and displaying the art in a museum / art gallery.  They decide on the final outcome in which is then seen by the public. The artist also plays a large role ,they work along side curators to ensure that the curator captures the artist’s vision and  fulfils any preferences.The way the art is displayed can change whole piece and the impact it sets on the viewer. Location is also key ,  Many variables come to play when curating a piece which is why communication is very key between the artist and curator. For this specific piece the curator was Clara Kim. Fons Americanus has been displayed at the Tate since 2nd October 2019.The piece is 13 meters tall and includes a water feature.The piece was placed in an open room with a fair amount of space where you can go up to it and walk around. It was also placed near a balcony so the public passing by could also see it which elevated the exposure of the piece.​

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