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Large painting’s

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The task set was to create 2 large painting using objects that could be used to make markings; we used black and white emulsion paint and focused on tones found in our chosen photo that we used as a reference. The different type of objects used were ones such as: -mops -sponges -decorating -brushes rollers -sticks etc.

We had around 20 minutes on each painting. On the first one we painted using the reference photo/drawing and worked quickly on recreating a simplified version that filled up the whole page.

The second painting we did we then had to create a negative of the first painting we did. We also had to do the opposite of what we had done prior so any sharp like or marks would then need to be more of a flow to give off a more smooth texture. The second painting was much harder for me in terms of trying to work backwards almost and having my brain process the negative as well as trying to switch up the techniques. Although it did prove some difficulty once i got into it i did really start to enjoy it and personally preferred the out come of the second painting. It turned out much more abstract and had a lot more texture to it making it a lot more interesting and allowed the eyes to wonder more.

Once we had both paintings done we then took our favourite parts from each painting ,ripping and cutting them out. With each paintings in parts we then put it it back together to create an amalgamation. In doing this my piece did lose the sense of structure and the knowing of what it actually was, but it did make it much more interesting. For mine i decided to to rip out certain areas of my second painting and then placed the first painting behind the ripped areas.

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