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Analysis of artwork

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  • The colours used in this painting are very dull as the artist has chosen to use  black and white on a warm beige background with some markings using other warm tones.But even the use of the warm colours they are more on the colder side of the spectrum mimicking possibly the cold temperature’s of autumn.The form of this piece is very abstract as there is no obvious sense of direction or imagery. The size of the piece is 8ft high and 17 ft wide which is a very large size and would make me feel very small . The painting is done on a canvas with enamel paint.In my opinion the composition of this painting is very random as i can no see any clear pattern. ​
  • The art work is simply hung up on a wall i feel as the the piece speaks for its self and the simplicity of a plain wall contrasting with the busy splatters and strokes really help the painting stand out. This piece is very abstract that i can no even extract any recognisable symbols or illustrations. Personally i find abstract art very hard to understand or read but based on the title of the art ‘ autumn rhythm’ i am guessing that Jackson-Pollocks interpretation of the flow and rhythm of autumn to be quite chaotic or a busy time of the year possibly. He could also be referencing a pile of leaves or the ground during this time.. The black lines almost look like dozens of trees with overlapping branches that are bare as the leaves have fallen. ​
  • For Pollocks time this wasn’t a foreign method of painting but it wasn’t popular. Although it was growing it was mostly working with shapes and lines which suggested figures or images. His work is very much modern and contemporary . ​

This piece done by artist Swarez titled Big bang No.1 is influenced by Pollocks work when the artist accidentally came across his work one day. this piece in paticular to me really takes inspiration from ‘Autumn rhythm’ as he like Pollock has the sense of a warm background accompanied with the striking drips of the black and white paint.

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