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representation :Text: J.Bell, What is Painting? Representation and Modern Art (1999) Chapter 1.

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  1. What is the reference Bell gives about images being forbidden, and why? In the passage Bell references the bible and how it is forbidden to portray god in any likeness as it is seen as wrong to worship or bow down towards an image.
  2. Who made false idols? The ten commandments in the last 6’000 years have pushed the idea of idolising false idols
  3. What was the technique that the maid discovered? The technique in which the maid discovered is what we would call a silhouette today, she outlined a shadow of her lover
  4. Why were icons said to be ‘made without hands’ ? Because they were produced with minimum deviation
  5. Why should we be suspicious or un-trustful of images? Because it is done in more of the likeness of what the person sees and not the true image.
  6. What did Plato say about art and pictures? He said that it distracts us with the likeness of how they look but not the likeness of the true likeness as the true form only lies with the form in which god created.
  7. What is mimeses? It is a term used to describe forms of art like painting and sculpture and music.
  8. How did Aristotle differ in his opinion form Plato? Aristotle said that people make paintings for their want of knowledge , to see images as coming from one side of the opposition.

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