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The medieval art

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  1. How did Christians reconsider the nature of the art object? they reconsidered the nature Because ‘ the world was understood as an emanation of the supernatural’ which lead to them creating art in order to try and draw in more Christian believers
  2. What was a consequence of the Christian desire to embellish (ie what did they make art from)? gold, ivory, precious stones, and glass.
  3. What was art’s main function in this era? What use did it serve? the main focus of art during this period of time was as a ‘vehicle of religious ambition ‘
  4. Why did Christians abandon the statue? Statues were replaced by paintings as they were believed to be more purely spiritual.
  5. What was so special about the book? it was ‘the doors to the word of god ‘
  6. What is a relic? Is art a relic? A relic is an object that has survived through a long period of time ; through a historical event. real and original pieces of art are reclic’s
  7. What was considered the most important part of situating the art as sacred?
  8. How was medieval art more agent than object? Because it had more of an religious influence and was used as a tool for worshiping god and images depicted from the bible.
  9. Who was the audience for medieval art? For a long while it was intended for patrons and lowly illiterate it then became for more independent and more intermediate groups. It also became a big interest for a lot of women.

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