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Heads: making 3d structures

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Using recycled boxes and cardboard i created a structural piece of a head in reference to my drawings. I like that you can see every piece i have stuck down and see how everything is held together. Looking at the piece i also noticed it looks like a head in two ways.

The first being the way its being shown above where you can see a reference to a face and the second being this,

This way also appeared like the top of the head of a skull or even a brain.

This made me want to explore with the idea of having basically 2 heads in one.

I went on to making a smaller version in which i paper mached inspired by Franz west. The paper mache one had more a stone carving look to it.

This is the head with a couple layers i will go on to add more to strengthen the structure. I am also considering creating a mould, but this is the progress with it so far

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