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Using the colour wheel i created 3 different paintings using various techniques, tools and only certain colours for each painting.

For this first painting i used a paint brush but i could only the primary colours, but i could mix the colours to create more colours. For this painting i had 15 minuets to complete and the whole MDF board had to be covered. The fact that we couldn’t use tones as we were’t allowed access to black and white made it very hard. Doing this makes you have to think more about the placement of the colours and how they look against each other.

For this one we also got 15 minuets to complete but rather than mixing the primary colours this time we had to use only the colours red, blue and yellow. For this activity we also could no longer use brushes, we had to use other materials such as cardboard, pencils, sticks etc. This made painting much harder but the outcome was much more interesting. It makes the piece more abstract and has you looking at the object in a different way.

For this last one like the one before paintbrushes weren’t allowed different from the ones we used previously we had to find objects to paint and create marks with.

I fell as tho these versions are more fascinating as they are simplified but they have a lot more going on. For this version instead of using the primary colours we used secondary and we only had 10 minuets to work on this one.

I feel like these quick paintings really help and thinking about colour and how different colours neighbouring each other can have totally different affects, some clashing some more complimentary.

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