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review on : J.Bell, What is Painting?

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using the library resources

using library resources i explored and read through books both using the virtual library and visiting physically . Online there are a bunch of ways to find information, a wide range of books, links and videos helping you gather and take in as much of the information as possible. You can also see which books are available at the time and take out the books you wish.

What is painting? This is a question that Bell goes well in to and explores the different practices of paint and different artist’s ways of thinking. He shows us how paintings has progressed and how the times have affected the way in which we use paintings as well as developing new techniques. Bell himself was a painter which helped him input his own views and how people of todays feel about paintings. Bell really gives you the history and details that fed into each stage of the progression of painting. He makes you think about the differences and commonality of paintings. Bell also talks about the limitations of a painting and relations between figuration and abstraction as well as differences between narrative and non-narrative paintings.

This books really shows you how we have developed as humans and have changed the views and reasons of which we create art for.

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