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Context outside art

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Context : BLM (BLack lives matter )

BLM is a movement that has been around since 2013 but has really been in the media’s eye in the last 3 years, but really exploded this year. We all know that racism still very much exists and even though we have come along way, the coloured people of the world still struggle to get to a point in where everything is fair and every colour is treated equally as it has been built into the system. It has been built into the society we live in. Black people are still not getting the same chances as some people may think.

This year the BLM movement had massive media exposure. There have been countless marches and protests world wide. The movement was heavily affected by the death of George Floyd , the death helped push very real problems. link to website link to instagram

These are a couple of photos o took myself whilst attending a BLM March based in London earlier this year. .

BLM movement has very much affected the art being made around the world. Not only well renowned artists have done work towards the organisation but a lot of independent and just artistic people have come forth and done lovely murals on walls and the streets of big cities. It also exposes more black artists.

A lot of these street artists prefer to stay nameless due to the backlashes they can face from the public that can potentially be life threatening.

Big artists such as Banksy have done work based on the subject.


As he has a large following for him to do a piece in relation to the blm movement means more exposure and maybe a wider audience.. and shows his support aswell as his disgust for the American system.

The symbol for the movement is also now recognised world wide and has been plastered on countless buildings.This symbol is very important because this by it self speaks a thousand words. it shows unity.

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