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artist talk

Jeremy Weller

Jeremy weller is one of the artists we had the pleasure of listening to through blackboard he is a director in theatre and involved in film production. During the talk weller expressed that how working with film production and theatre it could be used as a vessel to express his beliefs, views and passions. He spoke to us about a few topics he felt strongly about such as race and redemption. He finds himself challenging himself as he works along side people with troubled pasts of that have been in the system as he tries to get through to them and tap into their vulnerability. He says that an exercise that also helps the people open up is by swapping stories and having other people read them aloud. The reasoning he gave for using these types of people is as he believes everybody needs a source of outcome and a safe space to be open. He says that he can’t change everyone but wants to use his work to influence and make a difference. Weller prefers to use people that have gone through similar or the same experience as he feels he would get a more sincere and honest emotion as they can relate more which in theory makes the performance better and relatable towards the audience, it feels more real. Also by using people with that type of vulnerability and firsthand experience he can then understand it more himself as the director

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