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cps summary

Contextual and professional studies helps you to analyse and understand the uses of art and workings of artists throughout the years, looking at art history in a deeper way and exploring how different techniques and forms of art have changed. We looked at how artists and the time they came about help start art movements and shape art to what we know it as today. The different jobs that are now available in todays time and how they came about.

This term We have tapped into the skills and practices of different artists throughout centuries (18th,19th to modern day)and explored and investigated their influences we looked at aspects such as how different artists required different work spaces and equipment. We got to see how artists made do with the materials they had at hand during their time to create the art they do. understanding the minds of artists and their practices was a big part of CPS and how time has changed the reasoning of why we do art and what art means. Getting the chance to also look at ourselves as artists and explore our own inspirations and interests. connecting our own pieces to other artists work. From there we researched the different jobs open to us in which we may take in the future, using art in professional settings. During CPS this term I have learned how to really analyse my work with depth, understanding why and how I work the way i do. CPS has also helped broaden my knowledge on different artists and pushed me to research ones i may have never had the chance to come across. With each tasks in hand it helped me to explore art and the understandings of art visually . As well as using the Internet and books as resources we also got to listen to various artist talks and hear about the experiences they face and how different movements have affected their work. We also held a lot of group discussions in with various art related topics, having the chance to hear what my peers also thought and felt.

Each page below goes into more depth of the week by week activities set.

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