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context of my work

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The context of my work is nature I have chosen this to influence my paintings And art both through abstraction and realism. In my work I have created and looked at the many different forms in which nature can take on I specifically had my focus on flowers. I took an interest due to their fragile and beautiful state And how they come in all different shapes and sizes. I find that nature is art in its self. flowers and nature is most commonly used to represent women and have a grow up blossom into something. Much like O’keefe who uses flowers and nature to symbolise female Organs.

georgia o’keeffe-1887-1986

In Georgia O’keeffe’s work she shows a lot of imagery. With most of her paintings at first glance You would think they were merely close up and detailed paintings of flowers and petals but when you read into work and really grasp the imagery shown you start to understand The art more. The flowers are there to represent the female organs most specifically the vagina, I think what she does is very smart as the flower and colour she uses perfectly represent how beautiful the vagina really is and how powerful it can be. connecting two beautiful things together to create art. She composes it in such a fragile and erotic way that celebrates The female body. The colours and stroke composition she has use has have any influence my work even though they may not look similar the thought process behind it is very much the same.

fiona rae

Fiona Rae is another artist that explores the beauty of nature but she paints it a more untraditional way and Tries to break boundaries with her style of art. Her work is very much presented through abstraction. The way in which she fills the Canvas really leaves your eyes to wonder as there’s no real focal point. The whole Canvas tells a story. Many people might find her work unconventional or maybe not even see the beauty of i. But the choice of colours, Strokes and the chaos it truly creates a wonderful piece of art I would like to embody the way she paints as not every stroke is thought out.  It’s if she deconstructs nature and reconstructs it to how she sees it to be which i’d like to represent in my own work.

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