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The fist exhibition held this year was for my lens project Where we had to produce two large prints a publication and a video on a subject of our choice as it was a self directed project. As a collective of artists we gathered all of our pieces we wanted to showcase. We began by discussing as a group which pieces worked best and complimented each other. We then split into the two rooms that we had chose. Both rooms had a very different ambient so we had to consider everything from lighting, size and the styles of presentation which each artist wanted for their work. then as smaller groups within our rooms we discussed how we would lay out our work .

On my wall we had artist work that had more of nature/outdoor theme and that had relations in colour. we chose to situate each large print so that it would be in eye line to the viewers. we also decided to have the agreement we had as the two middle worked together as they had tinges of the same hues of yellow so they were paired. My work (first on the left) which tied in with the nature theme as well as the portraits tying in with the third photo,. The piece at the very end also had very close similarities in the shades of blues and the natural scene, so we thought they would work very well in a sequence together but we decided to put them on either end so that they wouldn’t get grouped together. The pieces also tied in well with the eyes of the model in the third print. overall it worked really well especially in this open space which was by a window that shone in natural light which complimented our work also.

2022 exhibition

For our publications we decided that we would use a plinth, place it on it side and centre it in the middle of the room and the have the publications places on top so that there would be visible to the public.

For my second exhibition for the project i am currently working on is also a self directed piece. For this exhibition i worked with a much larger group and a larger piece of work. I was unfortunately out sick on the day of the opening but i was lucky enough to have explained how i wanted my work before hand as one member of the group made everyone take a survey of how they wanted to present. I was also grateful that i had contact with other students in order for myself to guid them whilst they helped to put it up. The space oin which we used was in the foyer of the Vijay Patel fashion block. This location was great as it was by the entrance with open space and light.

my work was presented up against a white wall held up by 5 screws drilled into the wall. As my piece was quite busy hiding the nails and giving it a sleeker look was very easy. The art piece was levelled so that the centre would be at eye level and accompanied with a small name tag along with my art instagram to help promote myself and my fellow artists online presence.

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