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covid -19 / video montage response

Coronavirus better known as Corona or COVID-19 has been making headlines world wide since 2020. COVID is a contagious disease caused by a virus with a list of various symothoms and severuty . COVID was first discovered at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China and would go on to affect lives worldwide, back when no one could forsee the series of life changing events ahead of us. over the last two years we have had various strains of COVID such as Omicron, Delta, Beta to name a few.

COVID has affected millions around the world wether a small cough to hospitalisation and in some cases death. In the U,K alone we’ve had 22 million infected and 175 thousand deaths. Aside form the physical trauma caused world wide when the first ever global lockdown was put into place not only did shops shutdown so did civilisation. Since COVID and the lockdowns the number of people suffering with depression and the number of suicides and attempts have shot up tremendously. This period was either the best or the worst two years of our lives and for many it was the latter.

Being locked indoors day in and out was a lot for many people and it was one of the only moments in history where the majority was able to relate on so many aspects. this is why i have decided to create a short montage.

For my montage i had taken quick shots of random objects mainly focused on foods and working with various elements and textures. I chose to do close up shots to really capture the details as well as keeping it to one focal point. I didn’t have any real artists that i looked at in particular i instead did my research via looking at how food advertisements and looking into how they would get their shots.

The idea behind my video was to create a visual diary reflecting on the last two years, i then added sound and text. I wrote on the video as if i was writing it in present day summarising the past years but written using my mannerisms and how i would really write in a diary. I like this concept as it makes it kind of personal as i am sharing my experience but its also one that many others could relate to. This is also why i deliberately chose not to put mine or any other faces to make it a lot easier to resinate to.

Equipment used :

Aputure HR672C Bi-Colour LED Light, 1x Canon 600D + EF-S 18-55mm Kit, 1x Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 Lens, 1x Canon LP-E8 Battery & 1x Libec TH-650DV Tripod

my setup

stills from my short video “Dear diary “

Dear diary – Leone Regina Mbappe Yamaguchi


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