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Sarah Bridgeland

Sarah Bridgeland was another artist that i researched. I came across her art on Pinterest whilst looking at similar artists. Her work instantly captivated me by her perfected 3d collage in a style so refreshing and constantly being able to produce exciting representation of contemporary art. She is an UK artist based in Wales, she is most famously known for her three dimensional artwork made up form various materials such as old magazine pages, letters or pieces she has painted herself. She then arranges and places each element accordingly to create these masterpieces. Her work contributed in generating ideas of my own in which i could take elements of Bridgeland’s work and play around with three dimensional objects.

I thoroughly admire her style of abstraction and playing around with different contrasts. The way in which she’s able to create beauty within all the chaos whilst still visually stimulating the brain is amazing. She is said to say that “much of her work her imagery plays with visual memory, recomposing its tracks and traces in a kaleidoscopic manner.”

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