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There are many jobs in or to do with the arts. But a job in particular that I’ve been interested in for awhile has been art therapy. This is a career in which I have always been interested . as much as I do enjoy the practice of art I also love to help others and to try and understand them more and there’s no better way of doing so with using a tool in which I am already so Fond .Art therapy just like any other therapy is very important for a lot of people of all ages but is often very underfunded. Most especially the art therapy most people I have not even heard of the term before. The term Art therapy came about in 1942 by a British artist by the name of Adrian Hill who  saw the benefits it had on certain patients. Art therapy helps people look within and explore yourself and how your emotions work, it can also change your mood ,the way you feel and can help boost your self esteem. I have always seen art as a universal language one that anyone can learn and understand which comes in handy with the patients that may not be able to talk or maybe don’t have to confidence to. Art helps you understand them and and see how their brain reacts to certain colours or activities. Some art therapy exercises include: painting/drawing emotions   creating an emotion wheel putting together a journal creating sculptural work etc.

Steps in order for me to become an art therapist 

I would first have to complete my Fine Art degree at DeMontford university from there I would then have the choice between a full time or part time art therapy course giving me the option of completing the post graduate masters degree in 2 to 4 years. Through research I have found a list of universities of which offer this course as there aren’t many. In order to qualify into these courses you will either need a fine arts degree or a psychology degree.

Once I have then completed the masters degree  I would then look for jobs within the field of art therapy. The easiest and common  route to take is through the NHS and working along side them in the many programs they offer.

In order to qualify you will need a  degree in art therapy or art psychotherapy. You will also have to then register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). once all of these steps are completed you are then eligible to work.

In choosing this route you can get the opportunities to work in many different settings and age groups. You have the possibilities of working for schools, nursing homes , hospitals etc. I believe that starting off work through the NHS is the best way for you to get an all rounded experience. I personally would love to then go from there to then hopefully opening up my own private Art therapy institution where I could then be in more control of how I intend to therapies others using the knowledge I’ve gathered in past experiences as well as bringing in new ideas that I may not of had the opportunities to do so within the NHS as well as allowing me to have closer relationships with potential clients.


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