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During the different stages of development I experimented various artistic styles and techniques. My work that contributed towards my final body of work was initially inspired by work i responded to in relation to the artist Gregory Euclide. One other artist that i was influenced by was Sarah Bridgeland. I had came across her art on Pinterest whilst looking at similar artists. Her work instantly captivated me with they way she was able to her perfect 3d collage. It in a style so refreshing and she is constantly being able to produce exciting representation of contemporary art.

She is an UK artist based in Wales, she is most famously known for her three dimensional artwork made up form various materials such as old magazine pages, letters or pieces she has painted herself. Her work contributed in generating ideas of my own.

I thoroughly admire her style and her ability to make something so chaotic yet beautiful all whilst still visually stimulating the brain. She is said to say that “much of her work her imagery plays with visual memory, recomposing its tracks and traces in a kaleidoscopic manner.”

From this it then progressed into a digital form of collage made up of various types of grass on my journey that then lead to it influencing me to create my experimentation of sculptrale painting in different form of collage. I created a large painting on Mdf board which i then collaged with other painted materials, parts of wood and sheets of acrylic. The materials i used consisted of :



foam filler

wall filler




bubble wrap

This whole piece was a large colllage that reflected the types of grass and wildlife i saw on my daily walk. I chose to do a 3D collage because i wanted the peice to harvest qualities of a page of out of a diary or a scrap book as it was almost a entry documenting the grass around me.

Collaging was made famous and seen as a art technique during the 19th century with help of artist such as  Picasso and Braque where you could see their use of experimentation with collage in their work.

But originally this technique was born out of china and can be dated back to around 200bc where they would collage types of paper the technique was then seen again in Japan during the 10th century but more for technical reasons. It was mainly used by calligraphers where they would glue and attach pieces of paper together to create a surface of which they could write their poetry.

The first record of collage in the western world was found during the 15th and 16th centuries where europeans would use materials such as gemstones, metals and other decorative materials found that were deemed. with these materials they would apply the collaging technique in  Gothic cathedrals onto religious imagery and icons.

However the collage as we mostly know it as of today was more influenced by the artists in the cubism movement which then became a key part for Dadasim and surrilists where we see more collage styles were more familiar with. You would then see collsge being repeated throughout history in different styles through artists such as Man Ray , Henri Mattise , John Stezaker and Hannah Hoch just to name a few.

Today we can see not just artists using these techniques but everyday people, apps being made to collage photos and other forms such as scrap booking.

I personally chose to use collage as i like that it is one of the more freeing forms of art and the creations are endless i also enjoy working with compositions, i also find as an artist making mood boards and visual maps is much more enjoyable and affective in everyday life.

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