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Digital art

My final body of work uses Digital art once commonly known as computer or media art. Many people have expressed over the years how digital art want really considered as art as is didn’t follow the traditional form and was often deemed to be easier and almost as if artists were taking shortcuts for using this technique. But as we are becoming more and more online it has been a lot more accepted as we see it daily not in the art world but in and on every day objects, and aspects of life. It has even gone as far as artist creating digital art using only coding.

Animations, photographs, illustrations, videos, digital paintings and more all fall under the digital art category. As technology has advanced the spectrum has gotten wider and the limitations have become a lot more lax.

Digital art first came about during the 60s when late artist Kenneth Knowlton took a photograph of a woman and recreated the photo using individual pixels on a computer. This in a time where technology was still limited was very innovative and different for its time. This then grew as more people experimented with digital art.

In 1985 Andy Warhol created digital art where he used a computer to use an image of American singer-songwriter Debbie Harry. The original photo was monochrome taken from a video camera. Warhol then digitalised the photo into graphics program ProPaint where he then manipulated the image, filling in sections using the flood fill to incorporate colour into the photo.

Digital art has now grown to where it is commonly seen in the mainstream media. It has played a large role in the way we advertise and has also greatly impacted to the publishing industry . It has become so widely used that now even traditional artists also use technology to aid the creation of their work. Digital art also make it a lot more accessible to people who may not be able to afford paints or materials it also allows you to work whenever and wherever you please which i admire. Digital art just like any other art form allows the artist to find the styles that work for them best.

The reason to as why i chose to use Digital art oppose to the more traditional form of painting is mostly because i enjoy this form of art but i also feel as though it adds to my project as its one of the more current art techniques and i am focused in todays current economy of which technology and media have also contributed a lot towards. The app i chose to use was one i am very familiar with, a application called Sketchbook. It is essentially the same as most applications you can find today such as adobe and procreate but this is one i just personally find the best to work with. The digital style i chose for this work was a more of a simple approach . I wanted almost like a Digital Lino print affect. i started with block colours and then added layers of more block colours in neighbouring shades to add some depth and shadowing but i kept it fairly minimal.

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