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Economic Inequality

Economic inequality is the bounderies set by unequal distribution of income that often keep people born into poverty or low income in the same situation their whole lives with little chance of being able to get climb the social ladder whilst allowing those with higher income to continue to climb. This making opportunities unfair as the between different groups in society .

This subject is something i looked at closely and i have used my research to influence my work as well as to bring light to a real problem that i also witness and experience on a daily basis here in the UK. I chose this subject as poverty in the U.K is becoming a big issue but it is also my reality as i grew up in London which is one if the richest cities in the world but the areas of which i grew up in were underfunded and majority of the area fell into the working class and low income category. Also despite having two working parents my family still received benefits as well as most of my friends growing up so i have first hand experiences.

Through research I have found out that the uk has a high level of income inequality compared to other developed  countries. The Uk has very clear examples of the rich continuing to be richer whilst watching low income families be put onto the streets or struggle to survive. This is due to many laws and restrictions put in by the UK government that make it had for families to break out of the cycle of living paycheque to paycheque.

Studies show that  during 2019/2020, 42% of all disposable household income in the UK went to the fifth with the highest household incomes, while 7% went to the lowest-income fifth (based on disposable income before housing costs have been deducted.

The simple fact that the average adult working on a living wage in London would not be able to afford a home without saving for near most of their lifetime. The average yearly income is 30k although there is a large majority still int he 22-25k margin. Regardless even on a 30k salary with most houses on the market ranging on an average of 200-300k this is very unattainable of some one of that salary and this is not even including the normal expediters of just simply living and with the constant hundred of pounds being added onto taxes and utility bills getting out of poverty is near damn impossible. Not only this but gentrification also plays devils advocate as it pushes people out of their homes to create near areas which cater towards the more higher income society with their need to over charge. Not only this but small changes such as ULEZ may just be a small inconvenience to a person on 50-60k salary but to the average adult this can be the difference of going to work or skipping meals.

The scale itself has always been tipped, rich people solving their problems with more money, evading taxes and breaking laws building societies for themselves of the backs and in expenses of the lower income.

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