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What are cv’s and why do we need them?

Cv’s are documents that most jobs require which we use in order to present ourselves in the best light in order to get a job.They summerise our achievements, goals, qualifications and our skills that hopefully impress possible employers as this is often the first introduction to yourself. This being the first stage of communication between you and the employer is why making a great impression and a even better CV is of the upmost importance in order to move along to the interview stage. Showing your passion for the job whilst remaining professional and using proper spelling and grammer as that could possibly be the difference between you getting the offer.

Creative CV’s just like any other Cvs are used in order to highlight your achievement and your character in order for an employer to see wether you are the type of candidate they after. The difference in doing one that is for a more specific field such as a creative one is that it is more focused on your experiences within the arts. I have yet to apply for jobs within the creative field but hope to in the near future.



Le***** Y*******, 21




Self taught freelance Digital artist and fine art student currently in 2nd year studying at De Montford university. I have a great passion for art in all forms but I am predominantly working though digital means. I have experience with working with applications and softwares such as Pro create, Adobe and Sketchbook, with desire and ability to pick up new skills. I have taken part in both group and solo exhibitions where i have been able to curate and showcase my talent throughout the years. I have also started a small business where am currently taking commissions via my Instagram where i have been able to create social media content art as well as personal pieces. I am currently in search of a job within the creative industry where i can hopefully not only grow as an artist but also push my creative boundaries. I have consistently proven to be and enthusiastic yet reliant worker always putting in 110% in every task. I have a great ability to work both independently and as a team as i have done so many times in previous jobs. I hold a range of skills within art such as video and photo editing, photography, illustration and numerous more.


De Montford university – Fine art


Design – Apprenticeship

BUCK New York, New York, United States

I found this job opportunity within the creative field industry of which appealed to me. The job is for a company called BUCK based in the U.S and also Amsterdam and Sydney. They Have a large range of job offers . The job i looked at specifically was for a Freelance Graphic Designer which fortunetly a global/remote job meaning i would be able to work from the U.K. However they require 6 months full time which i do not currently have the time not funding for. However i did look through their application process and looked at the requirements of the job , i will look into revisiting in the near future.

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