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weeds vs flowers

Focused on the topic of economic inequality i wanted find a way in which i could represent the inequalities seen in todays economy and have it like to the grass and nature aspect.

I started to look into the types of nature that i would often see in the two communities that were higher and lower income areas. I documented my findings in the form of photography where i would go to various areas and observe my surroundings.

Through my primary research i find that the lower income areas were often a lot dirtier where as the higher income areas were kept much more presentable. There were of course anomalies where there would be instances of both examples in opposite areas but this was a very small majority. This can be put to many reasonings but the two factors that i feel have most play is that the lower income ares have a lot less money being funded into their Councils. The other is that majority of the individuals are of working class meaning they simply do not have the time nor the luxury of taking time off.

Nature wise the areas with more lower income individuals were often left untamed with weeds and other wild life just left to grow wherever and however it pleased where as in more well of neighbourhoods and councils they would have a lot more grass that was healthier often tended too as well as having a lot more exotic and exspensive flowers. With this information i wanted to then create a series that reflected on my findings and show the economic inequality through the use of the people and the nature found in their areas. As well as this i wanted to show how the rich were benefiting of of the working class and also highlight the unfairness of the systems put into place. I feel that the flowers you have in your garden can often indicate the amount of money you have. And just like how the more exspensive flowers of the world get teated better and the weeds do not it is a perfect reflection of reality.

The flowers in which i used for my project

The first row of flowers are a selection of everyday weed flowers that i chose to represent the lower income the bottom are a selective chose to represent the rich.

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