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artist talk : trevor burgess

Trevor Burgess is an artist and curator from London, initially studied literature but his admiration for art took over. He had always had a love for art and would still attend art courses and would explore his love for painting even after his literature course ended.

He went onto work at the Norwich gallery as an assistant curator, this then ultimately lead him into funding and running his own artist ran studio known as Warehouse Artist Studios of which ran for 7 years during 1990-1997.

He went onto work at the Norwhich gallery as an asisstant curator, this then ultimetly lead him into funding and running his own artist ran studio known as Warehouse Artist Studios of which ran for 7 years during 1990-1997.

Burgess would then move to Barcelona where he decided to attend MA European Fine Art where he studied fine art and was able to give all his focus on creating art. Burgess started creating art focused around the relationships of families and children and would create large scale paintings. He had these submitted to a solo exhibition where he was able to showcase his work.

After graduating in 1999 Burgess returned to London where he continued painting and curating. He also explored photography and began taking photos of people in cities in everyday life. . He later went on to use these photos to create the paintings which has developed into work he’s known most for. Burgess’s was experimenting with various techniques and colours, where he would inverse the colours and play on how to change the way in which colours are seen and understood.

Burgess being an Artist/ Curator has also opened up many opportunities for him to work in collaboration with other artists. He has run many exhibitions and been able to explore bis artistic ventures. He had the chance to work alongside other painters where he explored social concepts of painting. One of the artists that Burgess collaborated with was Alexandra Baraister where they co-curated an exhibition names ‘This Instead of That’. Burgess has been able to build up his name and have his work known all around the U.K and being able to showcase his work around Europe


Burgess in the talk then went onto explain how this work was a reaction to his personal views on the topic of Brexit. He elaborates by explaining how he felt whilst this whole situation took place and how the painting depicts the stresses and overwhelming senses of emotion felt during in this time. Burgess stressed the concern he had when the decision was made as it was one that affected him personally as an artist who has creative relationships in Europe. With all this in mind he decided to create this painting.

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